My Week of Yoga: Werk It

This week was packed with all the class-filled and self-led goodness but it also presented several opportunities for growth. There were a couple classes where energy wise I was not 100%. The classes that I did feel good and strong I really pushed myself to attempt more challenging poses and variations.

pigeon pose



An hour of hot yoga always serves as the perfect beginning to a week. However, I was lacking in energy and stamina and was not enjoying class. I was hard on myself and grumpy throughout the class. I forced myself to stay longer on my mat during savasana and draw attention to what I was grateful for during the practice. It helped reframe my mindset before leaving the studio.


Hot yoga class with Mr. Mindful. This is truly an all-levels class which serves us well as we are at 2 different levels of yoga but love practicing alongside one another. He kept it at a very reasonable 103 with 30% humidity which was a welcome change from the 108-110 temps the studio had been rocking as of late.


Mr. and I volunteered at a local non-profit so today was a rest day for me.


Cardio, core, and legs (ala the freckled yogi) and followed with 20 minutes of vinyasa flowing to work into my hamstrings.


Self-led practice at home. I practiced for about an hour, the longest I have done on my own!


Favorite class of the week is this 75-minute vinyasa flow class. I love the combination of slow flows and long holds that help build a really challenging practice. The teacher helped me get into a side plank with an extended side hold which felt like a big accomplishment.


Today’s 75- minute hot yoga class was a really manageable temp complete with some poses I had never done before which was really fun. I love this class as a way to set up my Sundays to be productive yet aligned.

Strength-Based Class: 1 hours 15 minutes

Self-Practice: 1 hour 20 minutes

Hot Yoga Class: 3 hour 15 minutes

Total: 5 hours 50 minutes