MY Week of Yoga: New Year, More Yoga Please

With the holidays and the studio being closed some days I had the opportunity to lead my own practices at home. It was awesome to sit back and reflect on how far my practice has come this past year since really committing my time and energy to going to classes and flowing at home. I am encouraged and so excited to see what this year of yoga will bring.




I had the opportunity to go to a morning class due to New Years and not having work. The teacher is the same person leading my teacher training program and I always thoroughly enjoy his classes and the focus on form they require! An hour sweating and flowing was the perfect way to kick off New Year’s Eve day.


Went on a hike with Mr. and then did a short 20-minute flow of my own at home.


Gym day, cardio and core tied together with a 15-minute stretch and flow session.


Cardio and 30 minutes of home yoga.


35 minutes of self-led practice on top of leading Mr. Mindful for 20 minutes


All-time favorite class, I leave feeling absolutely recharged and it honestly just sets the tone for my weekend. We did lots of vinyasa flowing, breath work, and long holds.


75-minute hot yoga heaven. We started at about 118 which was HOT, but ended at 103 so it felt pretty manageable the whole time. We focused a lot on stretching out our shoulders, hamstrings, and hips.

Strength-Based Class: 1 hours 15 minutes

Self-Practice: 2 hours

Hot Yoga Class: 2 hour 15 minutes

Total: 5 hours 30 minutes