My Week of Yoga: Personal Practice

Are you sick of hearing the words “polar vortex” yet? Well imma talk about it for a minute. The polar vortex had us Midwesterners homebound and stuck inside due to a huge amount of snow and record-breaking cold temps. The positive to all of this is it allowed me to pour time into my personal practice. What once made me uncomfortable is beginning to feel like home.




I got snowplowed into my own driveway so I practiced a self-led flow for 40 minutes the focused-on heart and hip openers. Finished is off with 10 minutes of core work.


Polar vortex day 1. School was cancelled and I was stuck indoors. I did a 45-minute vinyasa flow with a lot of chaturangas and hamstring openers. Then, when Mr. Mindful got home, I led him through a 30-minute flow to loosen up his hips, hamstrings, and back. The lucky duck is my guinea pig and allows me to try out all of my new adjustment techniques on him.


Polar vortex day 2. School was cancelled and I remained indoors again. However, I got way to stir crazy and dragged Mr. Mindful to the gym for some cardio and a 60-minute vinyasa flow yoga class. Getting out of the house was welcomed and it was nice to be in a class led by a teacher.


Polar vortex day 3. Took myself to the gym because again..stir crazy. After 45 minutes on the bike I did a short 15 minute flow to loosen up my legs.


Polar vortex day 4. Late start at school so I did 20 minutes of sun salutation A after my morning meditation.


All-time favorite class. 75-minute vinyasa flow. It was a really small class so we had the opportunity to try some more challenging poses. The teacher had me practice forearm stand in the middle of the flow and challenged me to keep my legs straight. So hard but so fun!


75 minutes of hot yoga to round out the week. This class has a lot of shoulder rolls in it which I love and can really sink into the postures. We also tried an advance tiger pose from down dog, fell a few times but it was fun to try something new!

Vinyasa Flow Class: 2 hours 15 minutes

Self-Practice: 2 hours 30 minutes

Hot Yoga Class: 1 hour 15 minutes

Total: 6 hours