My Week of Yoga: Settling In, Pursuing More

Settling into school, settling into this new yoga routine. While settling and finding routine is good it is always important to not get complacent. So while I am settling into my classes I am pursuing more when it comes to alignment, and pushing myself into more challenging poses when something becomes easy.



So karma paid me back from my “103 didn’t feel too hot” comment from LAST WEEK. This week the temp was 108-110 with 30-40% humidity. Man oh man did I sweat my ass off this week!

Today’s flow included lots of flow, core work, and binding.


Did cardio and core at the gym and followed it up with 20 minutes of self-practice. I spent the bulk of the time working on opening my hips and lengthening my hamstrings and finished it all up with a few minutes or practicing forearm stands.


Did a mile on the treadmill before class today. Wednesday is yogalates day so it was time to torch the core! The challenging yoga pose focuses for the month in this class are: baby crow, bird of paradise, straddle stretch, and holding a hovering chaturanga. I decided to attempt flying lizard and my triceps were crazy sore after.


Got in 40 minutes of self-practice. I took the opportunity to play around and listen to my body and it was so fun! I did a warm up of three sun salutations. I followed it up with a flow through warrior one, two, and three. I got to do a straddle stretch where I pressed up into a headstand! Finally, I stretched through happy baby and plow pose.




75 minute vinyasa flow class led by my future yoga teacher training teacher. I am really enjoying learning from him. There was a lot of focus on alignment and lots of adjustments were made.


75 minute hot yoga. Holy buckets was it hot but it felt so good. We did frog pose and I thoroughly enjoyed stretching out my hips in a warmer room.


Strength-Based Class: 60 minutes

Vinyasa Flow: 1 hour 15 minutes

Self Practice: 1 hour

Hot Yoga Class: 2 hours 15 minutes

Total: 5 hours 30 minutes