Yoga Tutorial: Side Crow

Side Crow is a pose that I personally feel is more accessible than regular crow. Some find it more difficult but I think a lot of the fear of crow comes from falling on your face and side crow helps take away some of that fear.


Step 1:

Come to a toe stand, sitting on your heels.

Step 2:

Place both your hands to the right on the ground next to your leg.

Step 3:

Come up a little higher on your toes to allow extra height in your hips.

Step 4:

Bend your arms, and rest your right hip on your right elbow, right knee on your left elbow. Your knees are still together at this point.

Step 5:

Lift one foot up and play with how the balance feels. Look down but slightly in front of you.

Step 6:

Try lifting both feet up and enjoy the pose!

side crow