My Week of Yoga: Strong Start, Sick Finish

This week started out pretty great on Tuesday but ended with a light on the mat time due to a miserable head cold that knocked me for a loop. Such is life right? In years past I would push through and practice anything but instead I am trying to listen to my body and take it easy.




No yoga, spent the day driving back from the cabin! Did a few minutes of hips and hamstrings before bed to counteract all of the sitting.


Went to a 5:30 am class, we got word that the class was being cancelled at the end of the month which is always a bummer. This week there was a focus on vinyasa flow and connecting to the breath. Mixed in there were some challenging balances like warrior 3 and half-moon pose. We transitioned from half-moon to warrior 4. I don’t spend a lot of time with this pose but it felt good to revisit.


Yogalates class. There is 1 pass through of an athletic yoga flow and a half an hour of pilates. The athletic yoga also has a focus on some challenging poses. Each month we focus on the same flow to see how much progress we can make. This month we are focusing on bird of paradise with a transition to standing toe hold. There is also a focus on baby crow, not as easy as it sounds, and straddled plow!


I participated in a mid-advanced hot yoga class. To be honest I was really nervous to partake in an advanced class but I held my own. There was a focus on core, with bicycles, leg lifts, and hip lifts. We did a series of sun salutations to build tapas. We did a pass through 3 times with a flow of chair to warrior 3 and pyramid. We also did a pass through 3 times from warrior 4 to warrior 2 and exalted warrior. I did end up not drinking enough water so by the end I was a bit light headed so noted for next time!


Did a few rounds of sun salutations to stretch out and focused on hips and hamstrings.


No yoga, took the day off because of a cold.


No yoga again. May take some time to stretch out before bed.

Strength-Based Classes: 120minutes
Self-Practice:30 minutes

Hot Yoga Class: 60 minutes
Total: 3 hours 30 minutes

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