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My Week of Yoga: Called to the Mat

This week had me pulled to my mat every single day. Even days I didn’t plan to do yoga, I found myself on my mat. It came primarily in the form of self-guided practice as opposed to studio time which is a rarity for me. I know as schedules get busy during this holiday season I probably won’t get as much studio time in and instead will have to be flexible with my practice (pun intended).

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My Week of Yoga: Chasing Alignment

Oh heyyyy! Been a weird week of super intense yoga classes and opportunity to be flexible with my schedule and learning to let go.

I had the opportunity to learn from my future yoga teacher training teacher and it was an awesome experience! I also had some work things that came up and went late so I was not able to practice during the week the way I usually do. But, flexibility and flow are what it’s all about s it was a great opportunity to practice those things!

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My Week of Yoga: All The Days

Baby I am back! Between ending last week with a brutal cold that turned into an ear infection and a high stress week at work it is a miracle that I found time for my yoga practice every damn day.

I am super proud of myself because I definitely could have used work or lingering symptoms as an excuse but instead I found my Yoga has taught me to slow when I need to slow but also to listen to my body and let it guide me and this week I did just that.

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My Week of Yoga: Class Packed Goodness

Last week of summer fun before school gets back in session. While I am excited to meet my new first grade friends I am indefinitely sad that I will not be able to attend the same yoga classes that shaped my summer. In some exciting news I enrolled in 200hr YTT to begin in January! As a part of the enrollment the studio “gives” you 108 free classes. I plan to take advantage of each and every one of them and really make time to do yoga every day during the school year!

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