Yoga Tutorial: Crow Pose

Crow pose is one of those poses where you feel like a straight up bad ass. It is a combination of strength and flexibility and determination.


Step 1:

Place your hands about a foot and a half in front of you

Step 2:

Stand up on your tip toes and try to get your hips as high you can

Step 3:

Get your knees as close to your armpits as possible

Step 4:

Resting your legs on your arms, brace your core and begin to bend your arms. Keep your eyes forward not down. If you look down you are more likely to tip over. Lift up one foot at a time, testing your balance. You may stay at step 4 for some time, and that is okay, it is all about the process.

Step 5:

Try and lift both feet at the same time, keeping eyes forward. As you gain confidence and strength you can begin to lift your feet higher or straighten your arms and transition into crane pose.