How To Get Out Of A Yoga Rut

I got stuck in a serious yoga rut. I had the motivation to practice but was left bored or inattentive when I was on the mat. Here are some ways I got myself out of the rut and pack into the flow!



1.       Make a great playlist

I love music. I find that a really great playlist can change a mood in a matter of minutes. If you need help with some you can listen to some of my spotify playlists HERE . I prefer to practice to lyrical indie and folk most of the time with the occasional pop or rock playlist tossed in for good measure.

2.       Pre-plan your flow

Write or draw out your flow. Sometimes the act of planning a “class” or time on the mat is enough to get you excited to start moving! Here is an example of one of mine if you need help getting started!

3.       Dance it out!

I think we get into our own heads too much of the time. Before you get ready to practice pick one song, blast it and dance it out. It’ll get your heart rate up, raise your vibration, and loosen you up. When the song is over find your way to the mat.

4.       Find a youtube video to watch

Sometimes figuring out your own flow is just too much dang work. Every so often I like to power down my brain and let someone else tell me what to do and how long to hold it. Two of my favorite channels are Yoga By Candace  and The Journey Junkie

5.       Try something new

Take a day (or more) off from yoga and mix it up! Throw in a spin class or some weight training. Move your body in a way you are not used to, it helps keep things interesting!

6.       Give yourself grace

Cut yourself some slack! Not every yoga practice has to be 60 minutes of intense vinyasa. Maybe today your yoga is 15 minutes of sun salutations or 5 minutes of child’s pose. Whatever it is be kind to yourself and give yourself some grace, that lack of motivation could very well be your body telling you it needs a break!


What are some ways you get out of a rut and back into your yoga practice?