My Decision to Become a Yoga Teacher

I am so thrilled to share that I will be starting a yoga teacher training program in January! There are so many wonderful benefits to yoga and its practice that extend far beyond the mat! I am going to share some of the reasons I decided to become a yoga teacher! Who knows, maybe you have been considering and this will be the push you need!



I love it

              I have been practicing yoga for years and years. I have gone through seasons where I was more fanatical about it than others. I have gone through seasons where the asana was the end all be all and I was not safe with my body while I practiced. I have been practicing yoga 6 days a week for the past year and feel confident that my love for it isn’t going anywhere and now is the time to take the leap.

I want to learn more

              I have done a lot of yoga. I have done yoga ebooks, youtube videos, live classes, and small workshops. But there is still so much I do not know. I want to continue to learn about the practice of yoga, alignment of poses, sanskrit names, all of it! I love learning new things and yoga is no exception.

I want to make yoga accessible to more people

              I already have ideas of the kind of yoga classes I want to teach. I want to make yoga accessible to lots of different groups of people. I want to teach classes at times that make sense for teachers. I want to teach upbeat classes to lyrical music that build women up ( I often fantasize about being able to say “yaaas queens” during my own class so prepare yourselves for that). I want to teach athletic classes that show people that they can get a great workout in yoga. I want to teach restorative yoga to help people who have those brains that never. stop. running. I want to teach all kinds of classes for all kinds of people.

I wanted to build a community

              I have felt untethered in my community for awhile. I often feel like I am not making the connections with people that I want to. I desperately want to build a community, a tribe of people who want to discuss things like how yoga makes them feel or what they are meditating on or what crystals they are using right now. I want a community and I think that going through yoga training will help me begin to build it.

I want to challenge myself

              I listened to Dave Hollis’ keynote from the Made for More conference about how you are either growing or you are failing. That life isn’t about being really really good but really unfulfilled at your job. Instead it is about taking risks, facing challenges, and opening yourself up to a different kind of life. With that being said, I want this challenge. I want to feel nervous about teaching a group of adults how to get into crow. I want to organize yoga events in parks or wineries. I want t challenge myself to see how far I can take this. And you know what, that’s darn exciting to think about.

I have been thinking about it for a long time

              Just like with challenging myself. I have hemmed and hawed about being a yoga teacher for a few years now. It got to the point where I had to decide if I wanted to say “I am a yoga teacher” or if I wanted to live my life saying “I almost became a yoga teacher”.

Explore my spirituality

              Oh man you guys. This is a big one. This past year and a half has been one big self-discovery. I will say that most of the constraints of modern day religion do not appeal to me and I let that cloud my judgement of spirituality as a whole. Well no more, I want to explore the spirituality of meditation. The spirituality of nature. I wanted to explore the spirituality of yoga and see what I can find.


These are some of the big reasons I decided to become a yoga teacher and why I am excited for when I can lead my own class.

If you are a yoga teacher what made you decide to do it? I’d love to know!