Yoga Tutorial: Headstand

I adore inversions. I love getting upside down, flipping my perspective, and trying new things. The beauty of inversions is you always have this sense of play. It feels like when you were a kid and would do cartwheels and handstands. I don’t know about you but I think we could all use a little more childlike energy in our worlds.


Step 1:

clasp your hands and place them in front of you, elbows bent at 90 degrees

Step 2:

place the top of your head on the ground nestled into your hands. You want the top of your head here!

Step 3:

come up on your tip toes, kind of like a down dog with your head on the ground. You may only get to this point and decide that’s enough and that’s ok! We are working on building muscle memory here.

Step 4:

Slowly walk your feet in and bring one knee to your chest. The walking the feet in brings your hips up over your shoulders AND BRINGING one knee in creates some stability in the pose.

Step 5:

Engage your core and lift your leg off the ground. When you feel stable, extend the leg that was pulled into your chest. Keep your core engaged the whole time to help with stability.

step 6:

slowly, slowly, slowly, lift your legs. The goal is to get your legs, hips, shoulders in line. Also, make sure you are pressing into your forearms some to take the weight off of your head.

Step 7:

enjoy the pose and feel like a yogi badass (because you are!). When you are ready to come down slowly lower your legs the same way you came into the pose.